Fishing in the Winter. Lakes.

Fishing in the Winter. Lakes.

88.6% (Ratings: 44)
Version: 2.4003
Category: Sports
Requirements: Android 2.3
Most players know that a good bait will come across a big fish every time. In a few moments you will be able to search for new adventures, but initially you will need to visit the store to buy almost all the available equipment, as well as use it if necessary.

For a long time, people have only dreamed of enjoying nice catches right in their smartphone. But more recently, dreams have become a reality, and you can now get a cool fish, catching it on a good bait.

Discover an amazing and colorful game world with which you can enjoy and find something important in various game details. You have to try to realize your potential in a short time, so that every time you remember that this world can be made better, only you need to try.

Any interested player will be able to Fishing in the Winter. Lakes., and then be able to enjoy the implementation of his cherished dreams. You want to show your own capabilities, but until that moment you do not know how to open yourself? You have a chance to fix it! Catch a large number of different types of fish, for which you can get a monetary reward. Buy a new high-quality bait, which will be the best bite.

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