86.7% (Ratings: 120)
Version: 11.4.0
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
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Respawnables - this is a crazy action game for mobile devices created on the basis of Android, which provides the opportunity to shoot all without a break.

This great app is an ever-increasing dynamic cool first-person shooter for tablets and smartphones. This video game was first introduced in 2012, at that time sophisticated users have not seen such sights, and for this reason, it has become wildly popular. Exciting gameplay plunges the user into the abyss of adrenaline action. Initially, the eye catches the presence of a single mode, which makes a pleasant impression, but pales in comparison with the charms of multiplayer, but it can help out if You do not have an Internet connection.

There is also a test system, after passing It you are rewarded with additional bonuses. A rich Arsenal will please the gamer with all sorts of weapons options, body armor, skins, as well as all sorts of stylish chips in the form of bandolier, stylish glasses or cool clothes. In online multiplayer, up to 16 participants can act simultaneously, in addition, there is a possibility of team play with friends against enemies. The connection in the game is instant, the ping you will always be acceptable. Excellent graphic content combined with a great soundtrack, create a cool impression of the reality of what is happening.

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