Assassin's Creed Identity

Assassin's Creed Identity

89.2% (Ratings: 12146)
Version: 2.8.3_007
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 4.1
Assassin’s Creed Identity is an action gaming application that will tell you a story about the assassins’ history. You have a great opportunity to play for the assassin and battle with a significant number of enemies. First and foremost, the game was developed only for PC platform but now it is also available for the Android devices.

This game is quite interesting because of the well-designed storyline that tells the user about the developing of the assassin’s brotherhood. Every player is enabled to choose from the fourth characters to start a game as the assassin. Keep remembering that each character has his own storyline, objectives to reach as well as the missions to pass during proceeding a game.

The gaming application Assassin’s Creed Identity has a significant number of interesting missions and objectives. The key feature of the game lies in the fact that its storyline was based on the real story of assassin unity, so you can gain something useful while playing. This version of a game is given every opportunity to aspire to a better quality of the modern gaming industry.

The player is enabled to climb the walls, jump, run, and defeat his enemies in many different ways. The game world of Assassin’s Creed Identify is large enough so you are able to explore it to find some items that would be helpful to pass the missions as well as to customize the skills of a chosen character.

You could get the best experience because of the in-game graphics. There is also presented the volumetric light, reflections, and shades as well as the smallest details that allow the user to enjoy the gaming process.

The key features of the game are the following:

  • quite nice in-game graphics that it also doesn’t cause device overload;
  • different in-game classes to choose as well as several characters to play;
  • an ability to customize your skills to defeat more powerful enemies;
  • a few in-game locations are available to explore.
Comments (36)
  1. F
    F 29 April 2021 13:25
    bbbb aaaaddd
  2. Friend of Altäir
    Friend of Altäir 12 February 2021 23:09
    Basta! Couldn't you make another link??
  3. Imrankhan
    Imrankhan 13 January 2021 14:33
    The game is real but way this game is not download in play store so plzz avalibel the game
    DJMAURICE_YT 26 November 2020 18:39
    Is the game real
  5. Sudutbuta
    Sudutbuta 28 September 2020 01:15
    Why the tutorial is broken?
    1. Lolol
      Lolol 22 October 2020 12:30
      Cuz it maybe a hack
    2. Mr.B
      Mr.B 6 November 2020 18:13
      I had the same problem too so i uninstall the game
  6. Is this game offline
    Is this game offline 9 September 2020 17:16
    Assassin creed
  7. Is dis game online
    Is dis game online 5 September 2020 16:45
    Is this game online
  8. Vipul
    Vipul 30 August 2020 06:39
    Assassin Creed APK
  9. Firelight124
    Firelight124 18 August 2020 18:44
    Guys is this real or fake pls tell and then I will download the game
  10. Lijin
    Lijin 18 July 2020 13:20
    yes angreed
  11. Mohammad Jafar Safi
    Mohammad Jafar Safi 12 July 2020 14:53
    I love assassin's creed
  12. Yardyard
    Yardyard 28 June 2020 10:26
    How to download?
  13. Sanad Abu Rehmah
    Sanad Abu Rehmah 25 June 2020 08:25
    I LOVE assand creed
  14. Aturamu kolade
    Aturamu kolade 7 June 2020 02:00
    Awesome game
  15. Zubzero
    Zubzero 28 May 2020 08:07
    Is this online?
  16. Deepak
    Deepak 17 May 2020 18:41
    Do we have to download obb file...
    1. Nilay
      Nilay 6 June 2020 14:00
      Yes you need to download obb file
  17. Jay
    Jay 30 April 2020 22:20
    Is this safe to download

    Please also upload movies dual audio
  18. Hammad
    Hammad 30 April 2020 18:44
    Nice game bro but my game is little lagging
  19. Rudro
    Rudro 29 April 2020 10:08
    How to download or witch on download?
    Obb or not?
  20. Krishna
    Krishna 24 April 2020 10:19
    This site is so helpful to download assassins creed Identity. Very nice game
  21. Sujay Kamble
    Sujay Kamble 21 April 2020 19:35
    How to install
    1. Nakama-chan
      Nakama-chan 10 May 2020 04:21
      Capricons sama chambe chambe chambe chambee..
  22. Bezio
    Bezio 20 April 2020 08:19
    Good game,I love it
  23. Aguilar de Nehra
    Aguilar de Nehra 18 April 2020 10:34
    Thank you 😊!!!sooo much
  24. Nazeer
    Nazeer 11 April 2020 15:23
    How to use obb
  25. Aasif
    Aasif 31 March 2020 11:10
    It downloading new data please help
    1. Anonymous
      Anonymous 5 April 2020 12:08
      You must put the com.(blah blah)folder extracted from the zip file to phone storage-android-data.
      1. Anonymous
        Anonymous 9 April 2020 23:36
        Did it.. Still downloading..
        1. Anonymous
          Anonymous 21 April 2020 05:46
          Yes, It's still downloading
      2. Ahmad Hassan Khan
        Ahmad Hassan Khan 18 April 2020 10:24
        ok thanks bro
      3. Shah
        Shah 21 April 2020 22:21
        Already did that copy or extract thing, but still its downloading new data except playing the game, any idea how to fix this thing?
        1. Yesh
          Yesh 13 November 2020 00:35
          Can you help me? I downloaded the aol and data files but the game still tries to download new data
      4. Anonymous1
        Anonymous1 1 May 2020 18:52
        Not on storage - android - obb?