My Town : Hotel

My Town : Hotel

88.1% (Ratings: 4064)
Version: 1.18
Category: Role playing
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
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My Town: Hotel is an exciting role-playing game that will transfer users to a virtual world, full of fun and its unique issues and obligations, where they will be able to try themselves in the role of the hotel manager and understand inside benefits and disadvantages of this job.

So this application allows users to master their communicative, time-management and patience skills and it is not just a good time killer, as this app can be a job simulator and will be a helpful tool for young people, who are considering that career path to realize whether this work environment is suitable for them. Here you will meet lots of characters and tasks for interesting time spending and some incredible technical features, like realistic issues, well-detailed graphics, good gaming instructions and beautiful effects from the developers’ side for making gaming process more enjoyable.

In My Town: Hotel users will get this promotion in the summer term and so they will have a lot of work stuff to do after coming to the place. Specifically, they will face the problems of lack of free hotel rooms, dishonesty of potential customers, noisy families that will disturb you both early in the morning and in the late evening time and you are obliged to take care of them. So to cope with this job, you need to get used to resort hustle, you will be living in, but at the same, you are responsible of making it invisible for tourists. And obviously, it is tough to work in the relaxing environment, but this experience will help to concentrate in real life and be focused on your work.

Therefore, such application as My Town: Hotel will not let anyone to get bored, so players should get ready for the dynamic game play with life-changing adventures and super confusing, funny and useful from the long-time perspective situations!

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  1. maya
    maya 31 July 2020 16:54
    i love my town bat same of it is locked
  2. maya
    maya 31 July 2020 16:52
    this app is not cool at all and my town peple you dont want any one same of it
  3. princess nicole himaya
    princess nicole himaya 23 July 2020 11:02
    ilove that game