Flippy Knife

Flippy Knife

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Category: Action
Requirements: Android 4.0
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Flippy Knife - offers everyone to take part in an extremely exciting competition. It is always nice on a hot summer day to make a foray into nature, find a suitable tree, get a steel knife and practice exactly hitting the target. However, the weather can overshadow the pleasure, if the window pouring rain or snow, do not believe that your idea is destined to come true blows. Homes similar entertainment can bring many damage, and special training halls unfortunately until not opened.

Now everyone can download to your mobile device a great game application, without harming the environment, and any time of the year, throwing knives in all sorts of objects. Gamers are given a huge selection of dreamy knives and like a Marked test them with maximum efficiency.

the Competition will be held in a completely diverse colorful locations. Initially, the action begins with a normal camping. But over time, the player is transferred to the Forester's house, on a tree and even in a clearing in the form of a stump. And that's not all places. For accurate hits there are plenty of rewards in the form of valuable prizes, and the opportunity to make crazy combos. Flippy Knife gives you the opportunity to find yourself in a world where the physics of throwing and knives themselves to unrealistically realistic performance.

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