Piano Solo - Magic Dream tiles game 4

Piano Solo - Magic Dream tiles game 4

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Version: 3.0.2
Category: Music
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
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In this game application, you will listen to many different interesting songs. Of course, not every song you hear will be pleasant to you, but to win you need to overcome your "cons". What should a regular player do in this game? In 2017, the development team presented a completely free and wonderful project. Using this program, you will easily be able to learn the skills of playing the piano. After a while, you can become a true master by playing your favorite songs on your smartphone with your eyes closed.

Can you do everything you have planned? Do you have the strength to play classical or modern songs? In truth, there are a large number of piano lovers in our world. But will you break other people's records for the speed of playing this musical instrument? The toy has many features that put it in the top programs of 2017.

Fight for the title of the best pianist with other gamers, which in total there are more than five million around the world. Only the winner will get all the prizes, as well as the one who can Piano Solo - Magic Dream tiles game 4. If your favorite song was not found in the app, then feel free to contact the developers with a request to update the track list. After a few updates, it is likely that they will appear in the game.

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