Scratch and guess the animal

Scratch and guess the animal

92.3% (Ratings: 52)
Version: 9.6
Category: Quizzes
Requirements: Android 4.1
Meet the great game, where there are many different animals with whom you still have time to get acquainted. You need to erase part of the picture on the screen, and then try to guess what kind of animal is in the image. You need to earn a carrot, guessing who is on a particular picture. The less you erase, the more points you get.

Naturally, the idea of the game at the highest level. Carrots can be used for tips, which then you will definitely come in handy. Tips in this game play an important role, because there are so desperate situations that only they help out. Also, additional bonuses can be obtained for performing a certain task. If you post a link to the toy in one of the social networks, also get a reward.

Buy in-game store a variety of things that you can use to perform various tasks. You can also enjoy some of the features. That is why you need right now Scratch and guess the animal. Pass the job, getting experience points for them, as well as great popularity in the standings. The application has a great design, as well as a wonderful soundtrack.

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