Prison Break: Lockdown

Prison Break: Lockdown

77.7% (Ratings: 202)
Version: 3.7
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 4.1
Here in front of you a successful simulator escape from prison, if you are attracted to these games, you can rest assured, you are here.

First of all it is necessary to emphasize the presence of the game is quite a decent story, as a rule, mobile games rarely amaze the imagination, a really interesting story, but here we have a pleasant exception.

Here we have a hero who went to prison. Besides he was condemned extremely unfairly, he was framed by the authorities, he is absolutely not guilty of anything. Your task is to help him escape. It will be very difficult for a successful escape, you will not only have to develop the perfect plan. But also to do everything possible in order that protection didn't open your preparation for escape, ahead of time.

In addition, you need to hurry to escape, because the main character is waiting for the death penalty, so you need to hurry, trying to escape before the day of execution, otherwise you just lose. Just as the game progresses, you will encounter a solid set of puzzles and riddles. Solving them, as a rule, a few will move you forward in terms of escape. And as they are interesting in themselves, so that you will be interested in their gaming capabilities.

In General, Prison Break: Lockdown, it is possible. the Game turned out to be quite interesting, and if you like simulators of this type, the game will not disappoint you.

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