Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

84.1% (Ratings: 6354)
Version: 1.50.0
Category: Racing
Requirements: Android 4.2
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Game Hill Climb Racing - is a colorful race in which the player will show their skills famously cope with steep drifts and maneuver between skillfully placed traps. You will not help the experienced racer Newton bill, who dreams of the heights of glory. Conquer unbridled tracks, the Central character will be on a variety of machines, which in the early stages are not pleased with the power and speed. However, as you progress through the game you will earn a lot of balls, and will be able to buy a powerful iron friend and take a high ranking position, finishing in the shortest possible time.

Racing card is equipped with a mass of deadly areas, and to avoid a sad fate will have to make the most of agility and be constantly on the alert. Gasoline can run out at any second, fuel cans scattered on the road, and appear in the most unexpected places, try not to miss their appearance and time to feed the machine. Cars should be chosen on the basis of the road surface, otherwise the mission will fail before it can begin.

Control is carried out by pressing the corresponding gas and brake buttons located on the monitor of the mobile device. Hill Climb Racing for Android for free will give you a good mood and positive energy for the whole day. Critics score five points.

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