Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash

88.5% (Ratings: 288)
Version: 7.7.0
Category: Arcade
Requirements: Android 4.1
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Sonic Dash - arcade application for owners of smartphones and tablets created on the basis of Android. The developers have made a great surprise numerous army of fans of the blue hedgehog. Now anyone can extreme jumps, incredible rotation and rapidly fly through obstacles. Gorgeous graphic content and sound immerse You in an extraordinarily beautiful world full of exciting adventures.

Overcoming all sorts of will strain and pass very attractive game locations. At the end of each stage, we expect a fight with the boss. It is necessary to make all the abilities to overcome the powerful enemy possessing impressive forces. However, it is impossible to stop our hero. His skills, abilities and potential, effectively crush any enemies. The time spent playing the game is compensated by the game currency, various gifts and prizes. You can also open new actors who necessarily come to the rescue.

the Authors have put a lot of effort to their offspring surpassed the previous version of the hedgehog. Bright colorful locations, full of all rainbow palette. Excellent detail pleases the eye of the player, allowing you to take part in the exciting action. You can spend a few hours of free time helping your favorite hero.

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