Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder

75.9% (Ratings: 54)
Version: 6.34.2-sam
Category: Tools
Requirements: Android 2.3
Very useful and simply unique app for mobile devices. At least, we can confidently say that you will probably not see analogues of such an application. Thanks to the application, you will be able to record the necessary or important calls for you, in order to listen to them in the future. So everything that is important to you will remain saved on your device.

Moreover, the program will allow you not only to save important calls to your device. It can also sync with the cloud. Where the recorded conversations will be saved, in case something happens to the device, or if the device simply does not have enough memory.

You will also be able to save records immediately on removable media, and its size is only limited by the memory capacity. Or, if necessary, you can set certain settings, such as the number of recorded calls. If the maximum number is saved, the new call will be saved instead of the oldest one.

Also, the application has been organized convenient and practical search for recorded calls, so that you can not only quickly record everything you need for you,but also quickly print out the most necessary.

It also provides automatic recording when the application will be triggered, and write calls in automatic mode. So Automatic Call Recorder, you must necessarily, such a useful application, be useful to everyone.

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