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Version: 24.5.15
Category: Social
Requirements: Android 2.1
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OK - Is the most popular social network in which all members of humanity can quickly and effectively communicate, share personal information, learn a lot, watch movies and listen to your favorite music, send voice messages, give gifts, and earn points. The program has a user-friendly interface, bright, original design which is dominated by orange tones, uplifting even on a cloudy autumn day.

Here You can discuss a new dress girlfriend, or share with her delicious cake recipe, also a lot of different communities gives the opportunity to be aware of everything that is happening in the World and expand your horizons and vocabulary. Go to the pages of friends, leave comments under their photos, put likes, and class your favorite pictures.

Download OK for Android for free, just need those who want to be constantly in the thick of things, empathize and rejoice with loved ones, as well as those who want to view videos in a convenient form and listen to audio recordings. When you download a photo, you can use the photo editor that is built into this application. You can also create a cozy atmosphere on your page, making it colorful or convey your emotions. This software is well-deserved demand and receives a lot of positive feedback.

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