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Version: 14.25.0-240509
Category: Music & Audio
Requirements: Android 4.1
Shazam - is a high - quality and unique application, without which a real music lover will not be able to live. You can download it directly on our website, you only need to click, and the file will already be in your phone, ready to install. The app allows you to view videos on YouTube, you can also share videos or music with other users in Facebook or twitter.

This utility instantly detects the artist and the name of the track, listening for a few seconds almost any music playback. If you heard a cool song on the radio, but did not have time to write down the name - feel free to open Shazam, include, and all problems will be solved!

If at the time of recording will not have access to the Internet, do not worry, because the program will still write to the database passage, and after restoring the network will play it and find the right track. To always know about all the new products in the music industry, go to the top songs of the application, and choose your favorite! If you find your favorite song, you can get the lyrics, and sing along to the minus.

Also, if you are so strong in music, and want to study the songwriter, his compositions, just use the search, and find all the information you need for yourself. To fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your favorite song, you still need to understand the meaning of the clip, which can also be easily found with the help of this program. In General, the program pleases the speed of reaction, as well as a great and pleasant interface design. Good luck in your search!

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