Bridge Constructor

Bridge Constructor

85.4% (Ratings: 103)
Version: 12.4
Category: Simulation
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
Bridge Constructor - is an entertaining application dedicated to urban planning, distribution and proper composition of buildings. Only unlike analogues, you have to build not houses and high-rises, but real bridges connecting highways, facilitating movement and turning a long detour into a short road or crossing.

At your discretion, several types of building material will be provided, including: wood, connecting cables, wooden beams and concrete slabs. If it seems that the process does not require special knowledge and it is easier to build and build a bridge of any complexity, we dare to disbelieve that this occupation is time-consuming and it is important to know at least the physical properties and their interaction with each other. You have a huge responsibility for the citizens who will move.

The game will appeal to all fans of the simulator genre. For each structure will have to choose a separate course of work, which is important with a limited budget. Analyze which traffic will move along the specified path. In the endurance of the load you will help the color indicator, which allows you to determine whether the wooden supports will come down, or whether it is worth buying more metal? Physics worked perfectly and there is something to be proud of the developers who are actively involved in the process.

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