88.2% (Ratings: 807)
Version: 2.3.1
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 4.0
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MORTAL KOMBAT is a tenth part of the legendary fighting project with familiar and loved characters and more colorful game playing process. No doubts that with each update of this application, battles become more and more exciting and specifically in this version developers added good interaction system with game’s environment and improved visual effects.

For example, now there are such available characters, as Hellfire that possesses fighting tactics, where he uses firing points for destroying opponents, Scorpio that replace Ninja mode as with him players are able to defend themselves with two swords and Inferno that interacts with dark forces during the battle.

Alongside with great technical features, like beautiful graphics, realistic night and day turns and various opportunities for upgrading their characters, players will be able to enjoy rather simple game management, as they will control the battle with few screen taps. That is why if you have never tried playing the games of such genre, MORTAL KOMBAT is a good choice for getting this first experience, as developers will provide novices with detailed instructions and powerful support to make everything on a super high level – this app is not worse than Injustice or MKX and on the contrary, it has many unique features that are not included to the other apps, developed in this style.

But there still are some negative sides of this project. For proficient players it may seem to be boring after few hours of levels passing and some people may get irritated by premium options and opportunities that become approachable after sending real money to it. Well, overall MORTAL KOMBAT is pretty addictive and will become a great entertainment for those people who would like to spend their free time in a bright and fun way.
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