Mystery Manor: hidden objects

Mystery Manor: hidden objects

90.8% (Ratings: 109)
Version: 3.70.2
Category: Adventure
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
Games made in the genre of hidden object, always enjoy stable popularity, and here in front of you is one of the brightest representatives of the genre, the game was frankly successful, and has a solid set of additional advantages.

In addition to hidden object, there is a solid set of additional mini-games, which will also have to bring in the process of passing something new. For example, you can find here the puzzle genre three in a row. Mystery Manor: hidden objects, you can have only for the sake of such an interesting set of features. If you run into a difficulty you can't overcome. At your service will be a functional hint that will greatly facilitate your passage, however, it only prompts, and does not solve the problem for you completely, which is especially nice.

Another game pleases excellent graphics, the world is worked out at a high level, and each new location is able to please you with something new and interesting, you can quickly see for yourself, in such a set of undoubted advantages. It is worth noting that there are still quite a good game story, you will immerse yourself in an interesting, but full of secrets story, and to fully go through the story component, you have to solve a huge variety of really complex and outstanding puzzles.

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