Masha and the Bear: Good Night!

Masha and the Bear: Good Night!

86.7% (Ratings: 45)
Version: 1.4.3
Category: Educational
Requirements: Android 4.1
Great toy for fans of the eponymous cartoon. If you treat it with respect, then such a thing will not disappoint you. Perhaps the main advantage here is a good picture. It is completely identical to what we could see in the animated series. So the characters will sound about the same as in the cartoon. So the authenticity of the sincere pleases.

The game also has a very nice story, which is made in accordance with the spirit of the original story, it is just as funny and fun. So something like this will be perfect for both children and adults. You will not be able to find any real flaws in the story you have seen here, even if you try.

Some disadvantages include the fact that the toy is actually quite short, try out all its features. You can try out all its features in a short period of time, but unfortunately there is nothing to be done. But the child for a few nights, the game will have to tighten in any case. So it's definitely worth downloading.

Masha and the Bear: Good Night!, you can and should. Quite a good toy, after it you just will not have to remain indifferent. Unlike many toys created from famous stories, it does not leave behind negative feelings.

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